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Monday 7 November 2022

Lemurian Legio new packs join this exotic HOF 15mm army

The Legios of the Lemurians are their primary military force.  The ancient masters of Atlantis of whom of seven now live saw to it that their mighty science placed gene bred lion folk put in place as their protectors.  Against all foes the Legios march and wield their war glaives as well as bows and energy weapons made of resonance crystal.  Only the finest warriors leave the hunting packs to join the Legios where training and armour make them a match for any terrors arcane or of science.  Atlantis stands while the Legios guard it.

From the mind of wargamer and long time hobby creator Fred Richards comes the second stage of an entire new army within the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range.  A force which is equally at home in a fantasy setting and is far from the typical space opera or near future fare.  Across the rest of this year and into 2023 the Lemurians a race of lion folk will have an array of infantry as well as characters, leaders, small vehicles and more.  We follow the initial five packs with four more here. As normal you can have a pack or single poses from within it as with the rest the now more than 180 packs in the range.

As you can see Lemurians who operate in the Leonid Legions are taller and more graceful than a Human.  Natural hunters.  As such it is the females of their race who make up Hunting Parties while the males and females are both in the armoured legions.  As the army expands it will all be held in the range on the LEMURIAN tag for easy finding.  

Lemurians carry a variety of weapons.  They excel in the use of the glaive a war spear and they have 'firearms' which are formed of Atlantian Crystal which is also found in their floating war and guardian crystals.  Hunting parties are the core skirmish level of their warriors.

We hope you enjoyed our brand new race and the expansion of their army. 

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