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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Laserburn videos a book review and a miniatures review

The venerable Laserburn 15mm science fiction range has been a corner stone of the scale and genre since the dawn of the 1980's and Alternative Armies has managed to get every miniature and vehicle as well as many of the print titles back into the world.  Go HERE for the range.  

In this update I am delighted to present two videos which were brought to my attention in the last few weeks and I have now had time to watch and enjoy.  Check them out and leave a comment or a like in your wake.

Laserburn: Warhammer 40,000's Curious Ancestor 

Codex Compliant by Snipe and Wib channel.

An eighteen minute look at the Laserburn rule book and the fiction and rules of this classic game.

Alternative Armies: Laserburn Redemptionists- before Rogue Trader or Necromunda!

Obscurities in Miniature channel.  Looking at the Redemptionist Value Pack.

A twelve minute delve into 15mm miniatures and fun.  Thanks for the kind words guys.

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  1. I remember buying my Laserburn starter set in person from Tabletop Games in Nottingham! A great place and sadly missed. Great game and great miniatures all my APCs were metal and heavy. Glad to see them back

    1. Thanks. Yes, I was there as a kid in the 80's too. Gone but remembered. Indeed, we now turned all the vehicles into light as a feather resin but we still have the metal masters too...really heavy. GBS