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Thursday 25 April 2024

Asgard Orcs by Jes Goodwin restored part one OR1 to OR24

The time is here! Asked for and now on the website the first part of three of the total restoration of Jes Goodwin’s classic Orcs made for Asgard in the early 1980’s. Twenty four single miniatures and a set with a good saving too. 
Painted by Studio Maxi with hand painted shields in the style that such superb miniatures deserve we present OR1 to OR24. Big and brutal Great Orcs, nimble Orc Scouts, Cave Orcs, Warriors and loathsome Horde Orcs. So much attitude and style in every one of them. Here are front, side and rear pictures. 

These Orcs work really well in 28mm scale. Great for any system. 

Above examples of the different sizes of Orcs and a scale line up with a Fantasy Warlord Human Soldier, a Crystal Elf Warrior and one of Jes Goodwin’s own Dwarf Warriors
Some of the finest Dwarfs of the 1980’s also by Jes Goodwin. Singles and a full set with saving. 
Creatures of Chaos! Some very odd miniatures here as singles and a saver set sculpted in the 1980’s by Nick Bibby, Jes Goodwin and John Blanche. 
Alternative Armies is committed to restoring all that we can of the Asgard ranges and Tabletop Miniature ranges too. We have been at this for several years now and we expect it to take further years but we want to thank all of you for your support and kind words in this mighty project. Part Two and Part Three the final part of the Orc range will appear later in 2024. 

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