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Wednesday 24 April 2024

BR042 Erzherzog 6mm Heavy Tank new by Bradley Miniatures

The forty second pack in the great Bradley Miniatures 6mm Range is now on the website.  Remember to check out the Bradley Miniatures 15mm Range for larger versions of some of their vehicles.  Say hello to the thick armoured beast that is the Erzherzog!

The Erzherzog (meaning 'archduke' in German), is a large, heavily armed and armored vehicle commonly found in the armored retinues of the Houses Karl. It is used as a breakthrough tank to smash enemy lines. To achieve the high performance required by its mission profile, the Erzherzog is powered by a powerful archite reactor, allowing it to press an attack for days without refuelling, so long as its ammunition supplies last. The downside is that, while the vehicle itself is not prohibitively expensive to produce, refined archite crystal is a rare and prized resource. Most commanders carefully conserve their precious supplies of archite fuel for these pivotal assaults, and it is rare to see Erzherzogs fighting on the frontlines with more common troops.

BR042 Erzherog Heavy Tank:  This 6mm scale metal vehicle comes in a pack of three with three different hulls or choice of singles on the website where you can select which turret you want from the three.  Each vehicle is 27mm long, 16mm wide and 13mm tall (with turret).  Supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

The range contains a wide array of choices of infantry, power armoured infantry, bikes, light vehicles, medium and heavy vehicles as well as skimmers a mighty Dropship plus Mecha and walkers such as BR006 Tiger Combat Walker above and the BR026 Lynx Scout Walker below.  

Good for any game system.

Check out UM016 USEME 6mm Science Fiction written by Vic Dobson which gives fast play and easy to learn rules including solo play to use with any range of miniatures including Bradley’s.  In pocket sized Print and as a Digital Download too.

Our 6mm Terrain Range gives you twenty eight different desert buildings as well as bundles and saver sets too.


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