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Friday 5 April 2024

New 15mm Ogre Mercenaries packs and singles released

Now added to the massive array of our own HOT 15mm Fantasy Range are six new Ogres.  These join over one hundred and fifty other packs each of which offers the pack as well as a ‘sampler’ option on screen for skirmishing.  

Big and brutish these Ogres fit right in with the existing ones we have and give you armoured options as well as different weapons.  Taking us up to a total of fifteen different Ogres to choose from.  As with the others there are Value Packs giving a saving built in.  Look for HOT3O, HOT148O and HOT151O in the range.  Each is about 25mm total height.

HOT151 Ogre Mercenaries II (Pack or Sampler Single)

HOT152 Ogre Mercenaries III (Pack or Sampler Single)

HOT153 Ogre Mercenaries IV (Pack or Sampler Single)

There are a great many beasts, monsters and behemoths to choose from as well as High Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs and Goblins, the Undead, Dracci and Dragons plus...

Savage Lizardmen Stone age scaly cold blooded warriors for your table.  While this army is not quite complete with more codes still to come it does boast many different infantry as well as riders, flyers, Lizard Ogres a catapult with crew and the mighty Lizardman Behemoth.  Field them this season!


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