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Sunday 14 April 2024

Todoroni Giovanile Aide released and free Flintloque rules for Todoroni too

“Who you callin Boy!”  The Todoroni of Nepolise gain another character miniature in their range.  Following the Surgeon, Exploring Officer, Glutton, Opera Singer, Servants and others this time Nikki Chatwin has sculpted a youth for your sections and units.

Allied to the Ferach Empire and serving from Catalucia to the Witchlands the Todoroni are figures of fun but also troops of merit too.  Along with this new release we have the promised updated and complete free PDF article with game rules for all of these new miniatures.  

56139 Todoroni Giovanile Aide: This code contains one single piece metal miniature in 28mm scale with a 34mm total height. This Todoroni youth has been conscripted to act as a runner or messenger for his superiors. With a pistol in one hand and a message in the other he is rather scared! Useful in your Flintloque sections, as a scenario objective or aide. Supplied unpainted with a resin base.

You can choose from a Slaughterloo Divisional Army Pack (saving 15%) down to units of line, militia, grenadiers and others as well as character singles and more in this range.   Find rules for Todoroni in 5030 Slaughterloo and in 5025 War in Catalucia plus unique weapons and more in 5027 Grapeshotte.

Todoroni Notables! A free PDF download on our website giving rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo for all the Todoroni characters. The Opera Singer, the Servant, the Duellist, the Sapper and the Exploring Officer plus later ones such as the Surgeon.  See our Free Downloads Page for this and a lot more.

To make a start in Flintloque then look no further than 5024 Escape the Dark Czar the beginners set. Miniatures, Bases, Core Rules and Scenario Booklet all in one with three scenarios. See the Beginning in Flintloque page for this plus many free articles. 

Thank you for your time!

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