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Wednesday 10 April 2024

Five new resin slot codes added to our wide array of bases

With the welcoming of Halcyon Miniatures to Alternative Armies we took on our first miniatures without integral bases of their own.  Thus ‘slot bases’ were created by us to be supplied for free with every Halcyon figure; which have ‘tabs’ under them.  We originally had no intention of offering them on their own but you asked and we provide!  

Now on our Bases for Miniatures pages are five sizes in two types of slot bases in resin.  A small 20mm round base ideal for familiars and very small creatures.  A 30mm round base for Human sized miniatures and a 40mm round base for Ogres and other larger miniatures.  The other type is denoted ‘W’ for Wide and comes in 30mm and 40mm round with a wider slot for those miniatures with thicker tabs.  All these can be had in packs of ten or select a single base in any amount on the page.

We have a wide array of resin bases in our range from 20mm round to 100mm round and 20mm square to 50mm square plus others such as Troop Element Trays, Lifter Bases, specialist sized bases and Sengoku Monster Hunter Tokens.

As well as those offerings we have many different sizes of metal bases as well for those who wish weight under their miniatures such as the popular thin 16mm round for 15mm scale miniatures. Also flying bases for bikes and plastic display domes for your painted miniatures.

Our Battlefield Bits Range has loads of things to liven up your table.  Many different mounts such as the shown Highland Cows (riding and limber), Boars, Pigs, Dodo, Lizard, Camel and Horses as well as bits and sprues (fruit, pies, carrots, feathers, weapons etc) of more than twenty choices.  Wheels, Tents and Barrels and other scenics.


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