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Monday 15 April 2024

New scatter scenics for Erin Celtic Myth 28mm Range

“The landscape of Ireland is vital to its mythology from the smallest streams to the largest forest and hill. The land is Erin and Erin is the land.  Over millennia the Peoples and Gods who have walked, breathed and died upon this land which is Erin have left something of themselves behind.  Thus is the land covered in markers of conflict and of the past and the dead all lending themselves to the magic that is Erin. Such monuments, markers, stones and more can all influence the journey of a great Hero of Ireland.” - From Erin the game of Celtic Myth (2005)

Three new scatter terrain models are now in the Erin Celtic Myth range for your collecting.  The first of what will become many these items populate your table or your dioramas or even the bases of such monsters as Morc of Chicol or Culach the Lord of the Fomorians.  They have, as with EVERY other code in the range, been added to the All of Erin Bundle which gives you everything in the range with a 5% saving built in.

New codes:

CM32-01 Celtic Stone with Skulls

CM32-02 Celtic Stone with Weapons

CM32-03 Trio of Celtic Stones

These will work excellently with the warbands of Erin be they Fomorian, Sidhe, Firbolg or Milesian; pre-made with a saving built in.  All on the Erin Range page.

The Skull Heap is a gruesome piece for your table and features in our Undead Legions Fantasy Range too.

If you wish to get all there is for this range you can with the All of Erin Bundle which has 5% off and during the Spring Mega Event another 20% off at checkout too.  Such value!

We have the 2005 Erin game book as a digital paid download.  We are working on a new edition but it is a long, long way off being ready as all the new miniature releases are working towards it.  Do not fret though as this 108 page download title will still be valid for your miniatures when it arrives.  Alternative Armies never outlaws previous versions of titles.


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