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Thursday 4 April 2024

F24 Seven Headed Hydra 15mm Tabletop monster restored

Since about 700BC renderings in stone, clay, wood and other mediums have been made of the Hydra of Lerna as defeated by Hercules.  This monster is part of popular culture and thus there are many visions of it in miniature too.  We are delighted to present back to the world the classic 1980’s 15mm scale Tabletop Miniatures metal Hydra.  Now on the website.

F24 Seven Headed Hydra:  An Eight piece metal miniature.  The body plus seven heads with necks to mount upon it.  You can pose the necks as you wish.  Stands 25mm tall as well as 80mm long when assembled.  Shown next to a 15mm miniature for scale only.

This creature joins all of the other restored monsters and beasts in the Tabletop Miniatures 15mm Fantasy Range including Dragons and Arch Demon.  

If you like fantasy skirmish in 15mm scale this range has several super value packs of Human and Dwarf adventurers with many poses (they are as singles in their pack codes too).

Have you seen our HOT35 Giant Hydra in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range?  A very different and larger take on this mythical monster.

Spring Mega Event 2024 is on!  See the ARTICLE for full details but in short automatically 20% off all orders at checkout, 80 new codes and free War Bot II in your package.  Super stuff and applies to everything on the site and any deals discounted on screen the 20% is on top of that.


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