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Monday 29 April 2024

Star Mercs 25 poses new faction for HOF 15mm Science Fiction range

“Unlike the Rim Mercs who will serve any colony who can raise the coin the Star Mercs take on more 'discerning' clients. Often giant corporations or governments who want populations contained or calmed. Clad in impact armour and helmets they make use of projectile weapons and energy weapons alike. Trained to act without question for their paymasters. Use them in your wars!” 

Now added to the massive HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range are five new packs, a value platoon pack and of course singles of twenty five new poses. A whole new faction of Star Mercs to go alongside Security Force Alpha, the Rim Mercs and Grey Aliens among others in the range. Nearly two hundred codes and all can be had as packs or single pose choice within them as well as Value Packs with savings
The Star Mercs: Here are the new codes plus scale comparison picture and how a 15nm scale Star Merc looks next to the free in packages automatically (until 9th May) Warbot II which works in 6mm, 15mm and 28mm too. 

How do these new miniatures line up with a chosen few others of ours? 

As you can see they go with the Post Apocalyptic and The Rim Mercs as well as Security Force Alpha not to mention the Cold Climes Militia from the 15mm Ion Age Range

Ideal for backing up your Star Mercs is the free in all orders any scale AS028 War Bot II. It stands about 40mm tall and is armed with twin rotary cannons. 

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