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Tuesday 23 April 2024

New 15mm Japanese fantasy Sengoku full set XI plus Teppo and Sambito

The largest ever array of miniatures featuring Japanese monsters, creatures, spirits, animals as well as warriors, cavalry, buildings, townsfolk and much more in 15mm scale has just increased again!  

Sculpted by John Bell the Sengoku 15mm Range is now at 230 poses.  The awaited 11th Sengoku Set (the easiest way to get into Sengoku with a saving) is here as well as Teppo, Sambito and two new lower half options too. Here are the new codes in the range.

SGFP65 Sengoku Set XI  (SGF205 to SGF230) with saving

(Twenty Seven Different Miniatures)

The Samebito (shark man) is a creature that appears in "The Gratitude of the Samebito", a short story by Lafcadio Hearn. It is described as a shark-like humanoid with inky black skin, emerald green eyes, a face like a demon's and a beard like a dragon's.

SGFP63 Sambito Warriors (12 Pack with Saving)

From the pack as singles too:

SGF221 Samebito with Katana

SGF222 Samebito with Daisho

SGF223 Samebito with Yari

SGF224 Samebito with Yumi

The Teppo or ‘long musket’ was the most popular matchlock in feudal Japan carried by warriors and wealthier farmers and villagers.  Hunt Yokai!

SGFP64 Teppo Warriors (12 Pack with Saving)

From the pack as singles too:

SGF225 Warrior with Teppo

SGF226 Warrior with Teppo II

SGF227 Warrior with Teppo III

SGF228 Lady with Teppo

Almost all Sengoku Humans and Humanoid creatures are ‘two part’ meaning you can choose the ‘legs’ to go with them.  Two new options for wading and for the Sambito.

SGF229 Fish Tail lower body

SGF230 Human Water Wading lower body

Monster Hunter! Written by Steve Danes you take the part of a professional hunter of creatures in mythical Japan and set out to make your reputation.  Play solo or with others.  A game which is different every time you play and the enemies get tougher each time.  Also see Rampage the expansion title which gives you more for the tabletop.

There are now eleven Sengoku Sets from the venerable first one with Oni, Goblins, Kappa and Tengu shown here to the latest  A fine way to collect and save and if you had all of these you have every miniature made in the range.


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