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Friday 12 April 2024

Warlords of the Shia Khan new big 28mm Ion Age releases and more

It was the appearance of Warlords among the ranks of the Khanate that led to the development of the Duxis and other marks of Battlesuits. Battlesuits are fashioned to be giant humanoids to wage war against actual giant humanoids. A nightmare of giants who could lift a man from the ground and smash him to pieces with ease. The Warlords are flesh and blood but hulking creatures much like a Human in form though standing twice or more the height of a man. They are commonly referred to as ‘Ogres’ and are another Khanate slave race. Warlords are often under the command of Legionaries and are used as the infantry hammer to smash into tough areas for the Khanate. They carry the largest of infantry and support type weapons such as the Maia 12.7mm Chain Cannon which is also found used in Legionary Portable Weapon Platforms. Not possessed of a great deal of intelligence they are, despite this, the most dangerous soldier yet encountered by the Prydian Army. Warlords operate in small groups of two to four or five within Legionary platoons and are never given command of even a force of that level.” - from The Khanate Return.

Big and Brutal it is our pleasure to present news and release for the Warlords of the Shia Khan in the  28mm Ion Age Range.  Now on the website are THREE different 45mm tall miniatures in both metal and now in resin versions too.  Metal for the purist and collector resin for everyone else.  While two of these three are the original 1990’s sculpts in new molds the third one, new IA239, was created by Matt Beauchamp (who has sculpted many miniatures for Flintloque including the Trolka) and fits right in!

Here are the codes which slide right into the more than two hundred and fifty poses of miniatures in the range.  Above you can see a Malig Space Goblin for scale against the Warlords.  You can see them all collected on the MALIG tag within the range.  The cannon fodder of the Khanate.

See everything SHIA KHAN in the range and all WARLORDS on these tags.  It is a big range!

IB36 Khanate Warlords (Three Metal Miniatures with Saving)  (IA136, IA137, IA239) 

IB36R Khanate Warlords (Three Resin Miniatures with Big Saving) (IA136R, IA137R, IA239R) 

IA136 Warlord with Mars 20mm Cannon

IA136R Warlord with Mars 20mm Cannon (Resin)

IA137 Warlord with Juno Laser Cannon

IA137R Warlord with Juno Laser Cannon (Resin)

IA239 Warlord with Atomic Disintegrator

IA239R Warlord with Atomic Disintegrator (Resin)

These are our sole 28mm Ion Age releases during the Spring Mega Event 2024 but have you seen how much the range has grown in the last year?  The Grima Combat Robots as singles, packs and platoon as well as Planetary Militia Support and Scout squads have all been added.  The fearsome Perimeter Borg has also been restored after near 30 years out of the range.  Great for any game system.


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