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Wednesday 17 April 2024

Halcyon Miniatures releases set two as singles and value set

The boutique miniature range which came to Alternative Armies this year now makes its second round of releases! Halcyon Miniatures is manufactured by us in agreement with its Nottingham based sculptor. This second round joins the first in 28mm scale metal science fiction. 

Following up on the Storm Troopers, Psi-Operative and others we have Assault Infantry with Shields plus their Commissar and the chainsaw wielding Priest of Truth. Useful in any game system. 

All miniatures in this range are ‘tabbed’ meaning they use a slot base. Extra value is given by us in that we supply a resin circular slot base free with every figure purchased from Halcyon. These are as shown in the painted examples and are 59034 Wide Slot Base

Above is a scale line up featuring Alternia Cyberpunk, the Commissar of Truth, the (free until 9th May in all orders automatically) War Bot II and the Priest of Truth. As you can see they match up well. Every miniature in the Halcyon Range comes as a single with its free base but there are now also two set packs which contain each round of miniatures with a built in saving. 

From the dawn of the golden age the classic Asgard Space Marines. Returned to the world with care these miniatures are singles and a value set of all with saving. Despite being more than four decades ago in the design they are timeless and great for any system. 

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