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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

New 15mm Grey Aliens grav skimmer and portable weapon platforms

Two new packs in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range and the growing Grey Alien Army.  Following up on last month with the Arachnid Suits and before that the Lift Disc Riders and four new packs of infantry the Greys are a force to be reckoned with with more than fifty poses.  From the mind of veteran wargamer Fred Richards in partnership with Alternative Armies.  Go HERE for the range or HERE for a narrower result of all the Grey Aliens.

Your infantry need a light vehicle for fire support and some bigger guns to back them up when taking on the pesky Humans (such as the Security Force Alpha troopers, portable weapon platform and Charger APC pictured) and the flying saucers are out of range.  Check these out!

HOF153 Grey Alien Portable Weapons Platform. This pack contains two Grey Alien crew as well as a floating portable weapon platform and five different weapons to mount upon it are included.  You can also choose to get the gunners on their own, or a platform with five weapons only, or a platform with no weapons too on our website.  Go HERE.

HOF154 Grey Alien Grav Skimmer. This pack contains a circular platform which floats and have a gun rail running around its circumference.  Also two Grey Alien gunners each holding a weapon which fits to the gun rail.  A fine light support vehicle.  In our images the skimmer is 40mm tall and 35mm wide. Go HERE.

While our GNATS are giant mecha in the service of Humanity there is also a war machine of size which can be put alongside your Grey Aliens.  HOF142 Mecha X1 comes with two head options and stands 90mm tall.

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