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Sunday 15 November 2020

Fomorians of Erin some new pictures of a project

This year has been something of a challenge as I am sure everyone reading these words will well know. Among the projects tentatively begun but postponed for 2020 by Alternative Armies was the overhaul of the Erin range of Celtic Mythology miniatures and the game.  We only got a tiny amount of this done by March but I thought it would be nice to show you what we had and let you see where we were heading.  This project will continue..when..who knows at this point..but it will.  Enjoy!

The Fomorians are commonly known as 'Sea Devils' or those who come from below, from the cold dark depths of the waters.  They are a magical race long at war with the Sidhe for possession of Erin. Laying claim to the islands and sending forth mighty heroes to do battle on the beaches and into the forests under a slate grey sky.  Fomori grow larger as they age and while the greatest such as King Culach and Balor of the Eye are monstrous most warriors are the size of a Man while the Pucci are smaller, weaker but very numerous.

Fomorian Champions from ER13 pack and newly re-molded with halberd.

Fomorian Warriors from ER11 newly re-molded

Sidhe Warrior from ER08 facing off with Fomorian Warrior

For fun our FL24-01 Midsummer Druidess next to Fomor Champion..sits well

Click on the images in this blog post to enlarge them.  If you fancy trying out some of the miniatures then thank you and remember during the month of November 2020 you get 15% off your order at checkout automatically and a free brand new 28mm Ice Queen miniature (a good ally of the Fomori perhaps?).

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