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Sunday 22 November 2020

HOF155 Dominator Spheres released!

“In the service of a machine god, or a radioactive wasteland, guarding prisoners or sent by an invading army the Dominator Spheres are many limbed metal killers!”

With the revving of power saws and the clack of clamping claws the many limbed terrors of the future are here!  Below you can see Dominator Spheres in pursuit of escaping Prisoners (from HOF139 Penal Legion).  Go HERE.

Our last release for the month in the HOF Range following up on the new Grey Alien packs is a fantastic generic code great for many settings and systems.

HOF155 Dominator Spheres. This pack contains three metal kits each composed of a robotic body propelled by tentacles and a sprue of six different limbs which can be added in any of the six mounting slots and bent to your choice of pose meaning huge variety.  Limbs are: Grabbing Claws, Circular Saw, Laser Cutter and Energy Blaster. Each model is 20mm to top of body and with limbs added can be up to 35mm tall. You may purchase a pack or a single sphere kit.  Max Choice!

Other models for photo enjoyment and scale given for reference only and not included.  Check out the HOF Range for all manner of other science fiction miniatures across nearly one hundred and sixty different packs.  See these new models HERE.

Winter Mega Event 2020 is on! 15% off all orders automatically, free new Ice Queen miniature included automatically, Sixteen new releases and more. Everything we make is in this event all scales, all setting, all periods, all models and all books. Lots to this all explained on our BLOG. Event lasts entirety of November.

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