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Monday 23 November 2020

Devil Frog 15mm tractor and field artillery new for Bradley Miniatures

 “The first shot is for the Devil, the second for God, and only the third for the King.”

Old boney was not wrong and today Bradley Miniatures alongside Alternative Armies presents brand new 15mm scale field artillery by the name of the Devil Frog!  Go HERE for the 15mm scale range and go HERE if you want to see Bradley's 6mm range which also has the Devil Frog.

“The General Carrier/Ordnance tractor (GeCO) represents a venerable lineage of military light-motor utility vehicles.  The most common of these is the GC454 Devil Frog.  The Devil Frog is able to haul a large field gun, it's crew and ammunition as well as provide security with it's light armor and roof mounted machine gun.  A compact bifuel-cell drive provides good range and simple logistics, ensuring that any size Colonial force is likely to include them in its ranks.”

This pack contains one 15mm scale kit in high quality resin and metal with all parts required to build one Devil Frog Ordinance Tractor and one Devil Frog Field Gun. There are three different cannon barrels supplied in the pack giving you a choice.  Assembly is required of low complexity. You may also choose to purchase the Tractor on its own or a Field Gun on its own on the page.  Single Field Guns are listed as A (Energy Weapon), B (Rotary Weapon) and C (Long Howitzer Weapon) by barrel size.  

This is the fifth code in the 15mm range and comes after four tanks.  These can be had as single kits or as a bundle of four saving ten percent.  Star Legion tanks of the Lionheart and Stormheart patterns.  You can also get the sponson heavy machine guns and armour skirts on their own too.  See the range HERE.

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