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Thursday, 5 November 2020

New Snowmen and value set seasonal range 28mm and 15mm

Our new frosty snowmen are jolly happy without souls. Made of snow but sane people know that with magic they can walk around hoist some weapons and make quick work of you and me.  We are delighted to release new packs and super set of 28mm Snowmen in our Seasons of Celebration Range.  You can see the range HERE which contains an entire army in 15mm scale and 28mm codes too.

We have Snowmen, we have Science Fiction Snowmen, we have Fantasy Snowmen and Black Powder Snowmen.  Each is a set of three models but has the option on page to choose a set of twelve (four sets of three) with a saving.  We now also have the Snowmen Super Set which has twelve different models with a saving.

Go HERE for the range.

Also fans of Flintloque can download two free PDF's one giving rules for Snowmen in play and secondly a scenario 'Snowballe Volley' which sees 5024 Escape the Dark Czar characters General Saindoux and his survivors teaming up again with Frantz Von Der Wagg and his Dogmen Line this time around Cryptmass.  Download direct from our website storage by CLICKING HERE and CLICKING HERE.  See our FREE DOWNLOADS page for hundreds of articles.

The Seasonal Range has a whole array of 15mm packs from Snowmen to Xmas Trees, Gingerbread Men, Psyco Presents, Jack Frost and Snow Monsters (with free little hats!) plus a HOTT Army with free bases.  Check them out HERE.

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