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Tuesday, 3 November 2020

FL24 Ice Queen new fantasy 28mm character released and free this month

"Blizzards blow and lightening forks.  Made royal in the cold calculations of the courts it is with the crown that the magic comes.  The Ice Queen leads her frozen minions to battle to expand her ice locked domain. Valadrill the sword of the polar nobles brittles flesh with its touch. Winter has come...."

A brand new fantasy miniature the fourth in the FL24 line up of free ladies in 28mm scale is here.  While she is automatically placed into every package shipped out in November for free it is only right she has her moment in the spot light.  She is the first of the winter mega event 2020 releases.  Go HERE for our Adventurers and Wizards collection.

FL24-04 Ice Queen. This female miniature is great in any 28mm scale game system or RPG system as a character.  Inspired by the classic 1980's fantasy films. An Armoured Queen with Crown and magic Sword. 

If you missed the previous free event new miniatures across the last year or so then they are all on the website alongside the Ice Queen.  Kalene the Barbarian Priestess (FL24-03), The Witch Carline (FL24-02) and the Midsummer Druidess (FL24-01). See them all HERE if you fancy adding to your collection. 

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