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Friday, 20 November 2020

Kev Moon paints Ganesha Games and Erin miniatures

I am delighted to show you the brush work and painting skill of Kev Moon, known as @Verbal_Gerbil over on Twitter (check him out by his handle, excellent fellow) on some of Alternative Armies and Ganesha Games figures.

In this composite picture, click on the image below to make it much larger, from the top left they are as follows. Three Halflings from Ganesha's 28mm Fantasy range (AAB003 Halfling Militia Man, AAB007 Halfling Hero and AAB002 Halfling Militiaman II) with spears and sword.  ER19 Chicol the one Legged from our Erin range (big fellow in 28mm scale).  Three Mushroom Man Warriors by Ganesha (FIFU036 Fungus Assassin, FIFU037 Fungus Gladiator with Net and FIFU035 Fungus Paladin running) in 28mm scale.  Lastly ER021 Morc of the Tree a dagda type dragging a tree.

Really lovely work on these by Kev!

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